Belden  GigaFlex PS6+ Modular Cord , 1Meter, White PN: (AX-350044)

Belden GigaFlex PS6+ Modular Cord , 1Meter, White PN: (AX-350044)

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The GigaFlex PS6+ Modular Cords are 4-pair 23 AWG UTP modular cords designed for use with the Belden IBDN Systems 2400 and 4800LX, providing channel bandwidths of 250 MHz and 300 MHz, respectively. The Belden IBDN GigaFlex PS6+ Modular Cords have been designed to provide a matedconnection performance that exceeds the Category 6 requirements. The GigaFlex PS6+ Modular Cords’ patented design, with a very small footprint, makes them fully compatible with the highest density hubs, with any RJ45 jack connections. The GigaFlex PS6+ cords are available in ten pantone colors that match the colors per the TIA/EIA-606 standard. The GigaFlex PS6+ Modular Cords product line encompasses CMR modular cords, as well as open-ended cords. A new ordering structure for modular cords enables the ordering of truly customized cords. Cable color and boot color can now be specified, and all cords can now be ordered in half-foot increments.


> High density hubs
> Telecommunications outlet connections
> MUTO connections
> Consolidation point connections
> Patch panel connections
> Equipment connections.

Technical Specifications

> Conductors: 23 AWG solid copper
> Insulation: PE
> Cable Core: Four twisted pairs, Filler
> Jacket: PVC
> Boots: PVC
> Plug: Polycarbonate.