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Wi-Tek's gateway is an intelligent network device that integrates gateway management and AC controller management, supporting Gigabit Ethernet connections on the WAN and LAN ports guarantee high-speed wired connections. In addition, it integrates multiple VPN protocols, high-security, and high-performance VPN features, which enables employees to connect remotely to their main office as securely as in the office. In addition, the gateway also supports cloud management. Users can quickly complete the network-wide device deployment, configuration, remote management, operation, and maintenance, and greatly reduce the equipment cost, labor cost, and time cost of wireless network construction. Wi-Tek Gateway is the ideal partner for hotels and small to medium offices that require a cost-effective and reliable VPN solution.


  •  5 Gigabit Ports(1× WAN + 3× WAN/LAN + 1× LAN)
  •  Support Multi-WAN load balance
  •  Centralized management for APs
  •  Support PPTP/L2TP/IPsec/OpenVPN
  •  Support cloud management

Technical Specifications

Hardware Version
Interface 5*10/100/1000M Base-T   Ethernet ports, supporting up to 4 WAN ports
(Default: 1 WAN   port, 4 LAN ports)
PoE Output   Port N/A
Flash 16MB
Manage AP 150APs
Recommended Bandwidth Up to 800M
Power Supply AC:100-240V
Power Consumption <25W
Dimensions 440mm * 220mm * 45mm
Temperature: -20℃~+50℃ (working),    -40℃~+70℃ (storage)
Environment Humidity   (non-condensing): 5% to 90%   (working), 5% to 95% (storage)
Software   Features
Network Access PPPoE dial-up, DHCP client, static IP
Routing Static routing,   policy-based routing, carrier    address routing, active/standby mode,    load balancing based    on source address,    flow-based load balancing, port-based weighted load balancing of data   streams
Security ACL, DHCP static   assignment, MAC address filtering dynamic ARP, static ARP binding, NAT, port   mapping
Other Protocols DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP Option43/138, DNS Server, DDNS
Support WAN Load Balancing   Supports the ONVIF protocol Support 802.1Q VLAN TAG Support SD-LAN
Application Recognition
Flow Control Support custom flow control   policies, IP-based automatic bandwidth assignment
Traffic Audit Real-time traffic audit, IP Traffic visualization
Captive    portal: One Key Auth,    Pre-Shared Password
Authentication Local User Auth, Voucher,   Facebook, SMS Auth, RADIUS Auth, Summary for Captive Portal,
Behavior Management Time-based    and IP policy-based access    control, website filtering
AP Management Support Auto AP Discovery,   RF optimization, Batch configuration, Overview View, Multi-SSID    configuration, SSID hiding,   channel setting, Tx power setting, AP online upgrade, STA blacklist, and   whitelist
Management Support local management with web
Support remote    management with Wi-Tek    Cloud platform