ZKTeco 5V Mini-UPS

ZKTeco 5V Mini-UPS

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uninterruptible Battery is used forthe Attendance Time Clock and Access Control .Under
the environment where the power is cut off suddenly, power discharge
can be realized automatically to continue power supply for fingerprint
when the Power failure, it can supply the power for the time clock and access control!! Auto even floating charge switch control can recover battery capacity
quickly and activate battery effectively. Auto temperature compensation
can prolong battery usage greatly.



Technical Specification


Mini UPS Feature: Electrical Characteristics:
Rated Capacity: 14.8wh~44.4wh(4000mAh ~ 12000mAh) Input voltage 5.2V±5%
Input Voltage: 5.2V±5% Charging current 350mA+loading current
Input Current: 350mA + loading current Charging Transfer efficiency ≥80%
Output Voltage: 5.2V±5% No load Voltage Range 5.2V±5%
Output Current: ≤2000mA Output current range ≤2000mA
Working Temperature: -20Celsius~65Celsius Output voltage range 5.2V-10%
Net Weight: 153g Discharging Transfer efficiency 85%
Over-discharged protection(cell) 2.5V
Over-discharged release 3V
Over-charged protection(cell) 4.35V
Over-charged release 4.10V