ZKTeco KR602E

ZKTeco KR602E

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With an elegant and robust design, they are easy to connect and install and offer the possibility to control one door from both sides. The LED lights indicate allowed or denied access. They have a proximity reading range of up to 10cm in the E series case and up to 5cm in the M series case. The fact that this series is waterproof, and the operating temperatures can range from -20º to +65º, it is the ideal solution for outdoor installation. Also, they can be connected with our C3 controllers.


  • 125KHz Proximity Card Reader
  • Read Range: Up to 10 CM (125KHz)
  • Reading time (Card) : ≤300ms

Technical Specification

Brand: ZKTeco
Model: KR602E
Price: 1800
Warranty: One Year
Status: In Stock
Contact No: 01999-088831, 01999-088832